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Introducing Puppet presentation

I recently gave a short presentation to our local Amazon Web Services user group about Puppet and how to use it for deploying and managing hosts – the presentation is below:    

Processing MySQL & MariaDB / Galera logs for logstash

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been setting up some infrastructure for a project I’m working on using the Galera Cluster for MariaDB (see for more info on this), and also setting up a centralised log collection and analytics platform using the ELK… Continue Reading →

Using Apache to authenticate access to Kibana 4

I’ve recently been working at a client who wanted to look at centralizing their server logs (something I’d strongly recommend to anyone with more than a couple of servers). After looking at various options, we decided to go with the… Continue Reading →

Overriding an automatically updated /etc/resolv.conf

If you’re using a linux host, you might find that your domain name is being overwritten on reboots, and trying to amend /etc/resolv.conf is similarly affected. If this is happening to you, this should fix it on most Linuxes –… Continue Reading →

Embedding a Twitter Feed in Drupal without any additional modules

Many people are now using twitter to keep friends, clients and others updated on what they’re doing – as such we often get asked about embedding a twitter feed in drupal websites when clients come to see us. There are… Continue Reading →

Generating fancy drop caps within Drupal

Recently we were trying to find a method of generating fancy Drop Caps for the first letter in every blog page on a client’s site. There are two steps within the process. Firstly, we need a way to identify the first letter in… Continue Reading →

Helping the Drupal Gallery module generate valid HTML

We use the Drupal Gallery module on many of our sites to integrate Menalto’s Gallery into Drupal. This lets us setup photo albums, along with giving us a way to use the Gallery to manage individual images for the Drupal… Continue Reading →

Using git to control a Drupal multi-site setup

Introduction I’ve been using a multi-site setup for my Drupal sites for sometime now – it’s easier to configure, maintain and manage – but I’d realised that one thing I was lacking was a decent version control system. I’d been… Continue Reading →

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