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How to manage unique credentials when developing locally with Python & AWS Lambda

I’ve been experimenting with developing Python code to try out Lambda, the Amazon Web Service which allows you to run code without the need to run virtual machines (or EC2 instances as they’re known in AWS-Land) or containers. However, managing… Continue Reading →

Dynamodb & SystemD on Linux

I’ve been using normal relational databases for far too many years, but as I’ve been exploring the Amazon Web Services¬†(AWS), I came across their NoSQL offering ‘dynamodb’. As the name suggests, AWS expects you to run their services in ‘the… Continue Reading →

Fixing graphic issues on Dell E7440 running Elementary Freya

I’ve been trying out Elementary’s linux distribution Freya on my Dell E7440 for a while and whilst generally it’s been working pretty well, I’d have occasional issues with flickering, black screens and so on.

Using Apache to authenticate access to Kibana 4

I’ve recently been working at a client who wanted to look at centralizing their server logs (something I’d strongly recommend to anyone with more than a couple of servers). After looking at various options, we decided to go with the… Continue Reading →

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