Originally from Yorkshire, then spent some time in the wonder of the world that is the Thames Valley. I now live in a tiny glen, hidden away in the Scottish Highlands, a few miles from the famous Glenlivet distillery.

I’ve worked in IT for far more years than I care to remember (ok, so more than 20 anyway), and sad to say, I’m the typical IT geeky type. I work with Linux & Unix systems as IT Consultant – I started out in a portacabin in the carpark of a building called BRA01, writing code for one of the best and least well-known office systems in the world.

Since then, I’ve specialised in Unix & Linux consultancy, working for some of the best known names in IT – installing, managing, supporting and generally wrangling systems and more importantly users in companies ranging from tens to tens of thousand of employees.

I also help run Intelligent Web Ltd, a small web design company based in the Scottish Highlands providing standards-based, accessible websites, along with email, training and other services. We create (hopefully great) websites, look after email and spend far too much time on twitter.

For fun, I throw myself down mountains with two planks strapped to my feet; paddle up and down the coast in a plastic tub and all too rarely, hide away in a Scottish Glen plotting world domination.